Buckshot Tannery

Shipping Information

Prepping Your Hide for Shipping

Please use the following guidelines when preparing to ship your hide for Tanning.

  1. All fat and flesh must be removed, or additional charges may apply.
  2. Ears must be turned, lips and nostrils split and fleshed, or there may be additional charges.
  3. Salt hide thoroughly utilizing a fine grade salt.
  4. Drain hide, shake off excess salt, resalt, let hide dry but not stiff.
  5. Fold hides hair side in and tuck in ears, nose, and other loose ends before they are too stiff to prevent cracking and breaking when dry.
  6. Make sure hides are free of burrs, blood, etc.
  7. Do not send wet or frozen hides unless prior arrangements have been made.
  8. Please enclose an itemized list contents in the box.


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